Monday, 23 November 2009

Pride Lust Greed Envy Sloth Wrath & IN PLAY

Today started so well and to be honest went well nearly all day apart from 1 very important factor i let a race go In Play and lucky for me it went my way and i greened out for a small amount but could just as easily lost 10€. So i commited the cardinal sin and thinking about it so i would have lost a tenner but imagine id been using 500€ Stakes well then i could have wiped out a larger bankroll and that is quite simply SHIT!! so the P&L below doesnt really mean jack shit but ive posted it anyway as the rest of the results were good and loads of green. DISCIPLINE DISCIPLINE DISCIPLINE is needed.

Anyway onwards & upwards and looking forward to tomorrow but still thinking if i intend to up my stakes at the beginning of next month i need to stop doing stupid things like today.

LTZ Danny


Mets said...

Good consistency.

I know what you mean about going in-play - I've got 30 second and 0 second reminder configured in my trading software and am usually pretty good at getting the hell out of there in time!

Danny Ibz said...

Thanks Mets.

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