Sunday, 29 November 2009

Friday's Trading & Special Sure Fire Winners Tips!!

We friday was a profitable day again trading and found a little easier than the previous few. I used some higher stakes on some of the races and it showed in the results something just over 5 € for the day and would have been considerably more if it hadnt been for a sure fire winner tip which myself and Jack stuck a few Euros on.

We listen to William Hill radio on the net when trading even though its a few seconds behind as they are normally very informative and its always good to listen to news trackside like race delays and horses playing up etc. The info usualy supplied by King Ken (Trackside) and Lord Budden & few others in Studio, well we took there sure fire tip on board as they all said there is no chance in the world that this particular horse could lose. The afore mentioned horse is pictured below parading just before the off!. + P&L from Friday, the -4.55 was the sure fire winner!!.

Ltz Danny


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