Saturday, 5 December 2009

Last 2 Days and Christmas Number 1

Ok here is my profit from the last 2 days trying to master the art of trading on the horses. I was reading on someone elses blog a very true fact yesterday. When you win on the horses you seem to only make a little but when you lose you lose a lot. This is true in my case because as soon as I see some green I have been taking it. However when it goes red you seem to leave it in hoping that the market is going to turn in your favour.

Over the last few days I really have been "Reding Out and then getting back in the market. Some days I have been over 5 euros red across the board but then have managed to get my self out for either a scratch or for small profit. Next week I may increase my stakes slightly to 7.50 average.

Ok now for something different. My mate Joe who I am partners in my bar with has written, sung and played all the instruments on his attempt at a Christmas song. Please follow the link and have a listen and if you like it you can download it for only 89 pence. Come on lets have a go and see if we can get a proper number 1 instead of another X factor winner.

If it does make it in the charts I get to wear a cheesy Xmas jumper and play the jingle bells in the video!!

Check it out here The Thought That Counts - Joe Charles

Nice one and good luck for the week end.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Come On Danny - Where´s your P+L?

So today I felt like I was in the zone when trading. I seemed to be reading the markets a lot better than before. I was also not just entering the market for trading sake.

Anyway short post as off to bed.


Sunday, 29 November 2009

One Day Rodney......

Yeh and about time too. First green day in a while and I think this was due to not doing the Gee Gee´s! A big old mix bag of tennis, footie and rugby. I think if the world Pot Noodle eating championship was on yesterday I would have had a go!

Anyway here is yesterdays P and L, not loads however in the right direction:-

Regards Jack

Friday's Trading & Special Sure Fire Winners Tips!!

We friday was a profitable day again trading and found a little easier than the previous few. I used some higher stakes on some of the races and it showed in the results something just over 5 € for the day and would have been considerably more if it hadnt been for a sure fire winner tip which myself and Jack stuck a few Euros on.

We listen to William Hill radio on the net when trading even though its a few seconds behind as they are normally very informative and its always good to listen to news trackside like race delays and horses playing up etc. The info usualy supplied by King Ken (Trackside) and Lord Budden & few others in Studio, well we took there sure fire tip on board as they all said there is no chance in the world that this particular horse could lose. The afore mentioned horse is pictured below parading just before the off!. + P&L from Friday, the -4.55 was the sure fire winner!!.

Ltz Danny

Friday, 27 November 2009

Back on track for Thursdays Racing.

After my derailment on Wednesday i kept my head and concentrated hard to get myself back to how i had been trading previously and it showed in the results. Out of 13 Markets i entered only 1 was in the red so im happy with that. Im looking forward to Saturdays trading as im yet to trade one since we returned from training in Madrid. Thursdays P&L below.

Ltz Danny

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Black Wednesday

Well yesterday was quite simply bollox!! Started of really bad with trading the horses and by far my worst day so far and things just got worse and once i was in that mindset there was no getting out of it which left me very healthily in the red (Horses) and the first for 10 days.

Traded better on the football last and managed to get back all i lost on the horses and some more so i actually ended up green again but thats not the point as the horses is the thing im trying to concentrate on. Traded the correct scores market on the Cska Moscow v Wolfsburg well @ 1-0 1-1 2-1 managaed to get out of 1-0 before Wolfsburg scored and the rest went smoothly. Didnt do so well on the Man u game. Overall came out of the football 34:38€ and -23:35€ (oooops) on the horses so was 6:03€ green for the day. I will be trying alot harder with the horses today and take yesterday as an example to keep your head with you at all times lol. P&L below.

Ltz Danny

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Clawed it back

So today I was having a great day on the gee gees. Had traded on 8 races with 6 wins, 1 loss and a scratch when all of a sudden I lost the plot and went 17.71 in the hole! Obviously it was Danny´s fault. However manage to claw it back trading on the footie markets in the evening and ended up 6 in the green, so happy days!

Regards Jack


Really enjoyed todays trading. Concentrating hard and picking the right moments to nick a few ticks here and there and also caught a couple of nice swings along the way. I found that in 2 or 3 of todays races i overtraded when i should have left well alone. Nearly green for 1€ and i carried on trading and managed to lose half of my green, fair enough i should have carried on if there were good moments to trade but trading for the sake of trading is something i need to watch. Got caught out in 1 race when trading with low liquidity, so 1 big bet and it took me by the gonads for -73 .Overall well happy with the results and this is now  9 days running in the green. Still only using 5 € stakes. Feeling more confident every day now... roll on tomorrow. Todays P&L below.


Monday, 23 November 2009

Pride Lust Greed Envy Sloth Wrath & IN PLAY

Today started so well and to be honest went well nearly all day apart from 1 very important factor i let a race go In Play and lucky for me it went my way and i greened out for a small amount but could just as easily lost 10€. So i commited the cardinal sin and thinking about it so i would have lost a tenner but imagine id been using 500€ Stakes well then i could have wiped out a larger bankroll and that is quite simply SHIT!! so the P&L below doesnt really mean jack shit but ive posted it anyway as the rest of the results were good and loads of green. DISCIPLINE DISCIPLINE DISCIPLINE is needed.

Anyway onwards & upwards and looking forward to tomorrow but still thinking if i intend to up my stakes at the beginning of next month i need to stop doing stupid things like today.

LTZ Danny

Friday, 20 November 2009

Best for me so far.

Yesterday was the best trading day for me so far as i had every race in Green. Didnt trade so many as it was my 10th wedding anniversary and if id have been on the pc all afternoon it would have meant divorce. P&L Below. No trading for me now till monday as im of to sunny uk to watch footy with my son. Im very happy with the overall results from this week and i think we are both learning a tiny bit more each day we trade and feel that even though we are making no real money, to learn this game properly is a long term thing and practice is the key and trying to trade as offen as possible. If things keep going as they are i will increase my stakes at the start of next month.

I still maintain that without the professional training we had, these results would be a hell of alot different than they are now, and is becoming more obvious that we were entering the markets blind before and without taking into consideration all the contributing factors.

Ltz Danny

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Thierry Henry Cheating Twat!!

Found today more difficult and because of that i found i was more hesitant entering the markets. Still green at the end of the day. Check the p&l below.

Also traded the footy last night which went horribly wrong with Slovenia v Russia and watched the France v Rep Ireland game which was amazing to watch up until i saw a pro footballer which up till now i thought very highly of and have always loved to watch handball so obviously that he may as well been playing for Orlando Magic, Thierry Henry you cheating Fk$%& Twat scum. You are now listed with Maradona as one of the biggest C$%&s in the world. Check the vid below.

Later in an interview he admitted to handball but said it was an accident..... BOLLOX!!! he looked like Michael Jordan on the pitch.

Rep of Ireland now miss out on the 2010 World Cup Finals because of him, how long will it be before they bring in the video playback to aid all the referees with learning difficulties and white sticks.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Quick post


Just a quick post tonight as trading on the footie. 6 races today and made a small profit but no losses!!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Racing Tues 17th. Good Day!!

Had another good day today trading. Out of 15 Markets entered i came out green on 12 for a profit of €6.84. Cutting my losses on the 3 that went wrong. Trying to keep an open mind with the results at the moment and will take a hit if i have to as im sure these learning curves will be full of ups n downs.


Monday, 16 November 2009

Green is good!

Ok so the first 2 races went the wrong way but then I always find this. I always tend to jump into the market way to early with out looking what is going on. This probably happened because Danny started before me and said he was all green so far!

So today I entered 12 markets and got 9 correct.. In one of them I was around 6 Euro´s in the red but managed to fight my way back for a profit.

The last few races today I found very difficult and I think a bit of luck came into play!!

Also Danny and I will be trading in other sports too and will let you know how we get on. However as the horses are every day this really is the one we would like to master.

Here is the P & L from today.



Its a Green Day

Been an interesting and yet again a green day for myself and Jack. I started trading from 2.00 @ Wolv which is 3 our time. Out of 15 races traded today 13 were green so im well happy. Found that 3 or 4 of them were really difficult and we had to dig ourselves out of a few holes along the way but getting back green after being red is even more satisfying but at the same time knowing when to leave it even though you are in the red is vitally important and something im still trying to learn. Looking forward to tomorrow as i can only trade till Thursday this week as im flying to Liverpool on friday morning. Taking my son to see them play Man city on Saturday for his Bday, cant wait!!.


My first post

So just wanted to say welcome to the blog from myself.

If anyone is reading this and is interested in getting into the whole trading thing especially the horses then if I have one word of advice, get some professional training first!! It really is an eye opener. Before going on the the 3 day training with Jack Birkhead in Madrid I really was entering the markets exactly where other people wanted me to enter so they could swipe my money!

Before going on the training I was reading a few other blogs and saw peoples profit and loss screen shots with them only making a few quid. I thought to myself what is the point of that! I really only want to see them making money. Only after trying it my self I now know how difficult it is at first and the name of the game is really just not to lose money when starting out.

At the moment Danny and myself are using just 5 Euro stakes. As long as we have a green month then we will up the stakes.

As Danny mention before the first couple of days we were all over the shop but then started to settle down.

Here are a couple of my screen shots so far.



Sunday, 15 November 2009

First Week Trading From Home + Set up & The Dogs

As from Monday (9th nov) myself and Jack started trading from my spare room (Thanks to the wife) after getting back from Madrid training. Monday and tuesday were a little bit all over the place setting up the laptops and pc etc with Bet Angel and vps and really weren't in the best frames of mind but by wednesday we started settling in to it and concentrating a little and the results showed that. Weve decided to tade together for a while till we really feel comfortable reading the markets and from then we will still trade together but via Skype.

We didnt trade on Saturday.

Our set up in my spare room....
P.c with Bet Angel vps on right monitor then Bet Angel with Graphs on the Next. Laptop with bookies odds plus William Hill on Net Radio, Then Jacks Bet Angel vps on Laptop.

Im happy to say as from wednesday onwards we were both green on every day. We are both only still using 5€ stakes till we feel comfortable and till our bankroll starts to rise a little. Below are my P&L's for this week.

I also started to trade the Dogs a little which i found interesting as the liquidity is a lot lot lower than the horses but found the market reacts more like they should and i find easier to read than the horses, below is a days P&L of the Greyhounds plus a recording of the first race i traded again only with 5€ stakes.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Training & Trading in Madrid

We flew to Madrid last Tuesday (3rd Nov) to start our training course with Jack Birkhead. The first day we sat watched and listened to Jack while he traded on the days Horse Racing Markets. He talked us through his every move and reason behind it where he could because nearer the off of each race became more hectic and he was placing and scratching orders so fast we couldnt see it at times infact it reminded me of Yoda when he went into 1!!. He recorded all the days trading and went through the trades 1 by 1 and explained every move made to us.

On the wednesday we started to trade along side him as he started to point out what to look out for on all the graphs and other vital info available on Bet Angel to aid us in when to enter and when to exit a market. By the end of the day we were both still in the red but had learnt a great deal, especially that we need to cut our losses more and not to hesitate to get out of trade for 1 or 2 tick loss which by Thursday we had done and were Green by the end of it. You can take look at the final days training results below, we were using only 5€ stakes so no great profit but not a loosing one. From 21 races traded: 12 Green 7 Red & 2 Scratches.

If anyone is interested in Jack Birkheads Training courses which we highly recommend you can check out his packages he has on offer here at his Blog Full-Timetradersmindset.