Saturday, 5 December 2009

Last 2 Days and Christmas Number 1

Ok here is my profit from the last 2 days trying to master the art of trading on the horses. I was reading on someone elses blog a very true fact yesterday. When you win on the horses you seem to only make a little but when you lose you lose a lot. This is true in my case because as soon as I see some green I have been taking it. However when it goes red you seem to leave it in hoping that the market is going to turn in your favour.

Over the last few days I really have been "Reding Out and then getting back in the market. Some days I have been over 5 euros red across the board but then have managed to get my self out for either a scratch or for small profit. Next week I may increase my stakes slightly to 7.50 average.

Ok now for something different. My mate Joe who I am partners in my bar with has written, sung and played all the instruments on his attempt at a Christmas song. Please follow the link and have a listen and if you like it you can download it for only 89 pence. Come on lets have a go and see if we can get a proper number 1 instead of another X factor winner.

If it does make it in the charts I get to wear a cheesy Xmas jumper and play the jingle bells in the video!!

Check it out here The Thought That Counts - Joe Charles

Nice one and good luck for the week end.


Jonny Teather said...

Alright Jack & Danny

Dunno if you no me but i'm mates with jack and also live in madrid.. dont remember if i spoke to him when you guys were there or if he's mentioned me at any point but he got me into trading a while ago, and then in april i went to madrid and stayed with jack for almost 3months on and off and then decided to stay for the timebeing (quick intro if you havent heard of me) reading you latest post i can say i had the exact same problem for sometime not spreading losses.. but i think you just have to train yourself to think about the worse always in that case.. either you leave a back bet inrunning where anything can happen,probably loss a complete stake or leave the big loss on the one runner and hope!! neither are trading so just don't! Took a few big losses and lot of pain to do so but the little spread losses really dont hurt half as much as the other 2 options!! keep the right frame of mind and just move on without thinking about it..
Anyway i'm following your blog and will add you to my blog list, can you do the same with me plz.. my blog is:



Danny Ibz said...

Nice one Jonny. Yeh Jack told us all about you. Thanks for the comment and those words of wisdom ring true.

Will add you on the blog and please stay in touch



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