Sunday, 10 January 2010

Blog to restart this week

Right now Xmas is over I will start up the blog again this week. Just before Xmas I tried to change my router to a wireless one which ballsed up all my connections for some reason. Trying to get hold of Orange was a mare so had problems with the line until recently. Then my Sky card went tits up too!!

So look out this week and I will start posting.

Good luck all


andreas said...

Hi guys! Interesting blog! I am thinking about attending Jack's course in Madrid, but not sure how many days to book. Was the 3-day course good value for the money? I saw that you did the 3-day course and I was wondering if you think that was sufficient or if it would have been necessary to do more than that.

Good luck with your trading


Danny Ibz said...

Hi Andreas

I found 3 days perfect for me but then I already had some trading experience (also got kids so could not be away for too long). If you are new then I would go for 5 days minimum. I found the course very good and keep in contact with Jack on Skype.

Let me know if you need anymore info


Cobo said...

It either went bad or you got lazy? Haha!

I was just expecting to know how you were doing now that the markets have come back a little more stable. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Braid said...

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