Friday, 20 November 2009

Best for me so far.

Yesterday was the best trading day for me so far as i had every race in Green. Didnt trade so many as it was my 10th wedding anniversary and if id have been on the pc all afternoon it would have meant divorce. P&L Below. No trading for me now till monday as im of to sunny uk to watch footy with my son. Im very happy with the overall results from this week and i think we are both learning a tiny bit more each day we trade and feel that even though we are making no real money, to learn this game properly is a long term thing and practice is the key and trying to trade as offen as possible. If things keep going as they are i will increase my stakes at the start of next month.

I still maintain that without the professional training we had, these results would be a hell of alot different than they are now, and is becoming more obvious that we were entering the markets blind before and without taking into consideration all the contributing factors.

Ltz Danny


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