Sunday, 15 November 2009

First Week Trading From Home + Set up & The Dogs

As from Monday (9th nov) myself and Jack started trading from my spare room (Thanks to the wife) after getting back from Madrid training. Monday and tuesday were a little bit all over the place setting up the laptops and pc etc with Bet Angel and vps and really weren't in the best frames of mind but by wednesday we started settling in to it and concentrating a little and the results showed that. Weve decided to tade together for a while till we really feel comfortable reading the markets and from then we will still trade together but via Skype.

We didnt trade on Saturday.

Our set up in my spare room....
P.c with Bet Angel vps on right monitor then Bet Angel with Graphs on the Next. Laptop with bookies odds plus William Hill on Net Radio, Then Jacks Bet Angel vps on Laptop.

Im happy to say as from wednesday onwards we were both green on every day. We are both only still using 5€ stakes till we feel comfortable and till our bankroll starts to rise a little. Below are my P&L's for this week.

I also started to trade the Dogs a little which i found interesting as the liquidity is a lot lot lower than the horses but found the market reacts more like they should and i find easier to read than the horses, below is a days P&L of the Greyhounds plus a recording of the first race i traded again only with 5€ stakes.


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