Sunday, 8 November 2009

Training & Trading in Madrid

We flew to Madrid last Tuesday (3rd Nov) to start our training course with Jack Birkhead. The first day we sat watched and listened to Jack while he traded on the days Horse Racing Markets. He talked us through his every move and reason behind it where he could because nearer the off of each race became more hectic and he was placing and scratching orders so fast we couldnt see it at times infact it reminded me of Yoda when he went into 1!!. He recorded all the days trading and went through the trades 1 by 1 and explained every move made to us.

On the wednesday we started to trade along side him as he started to point out what to look out for on all the graphs and other vital info available on Bet Angel to aid us in when to enter and when to exit a market. By the end of the day we were both still in the red but had learnt a great deal, especially that we need to cut our losses more and not to hesitate to get out of trade for 1 or 2 tick loss which by Thursday we had done and were Green by the end of it. You can take look at the final days training results below, we were using only 5€ stakes so no great profit but not a loosing one. From 21 races traded: 12 Green 7 Red & 2 Scratches.

If anyone is interested in Jack Birkheads Training courses which we highly recommend you can check out his packages he has on offer here at his Blog Full-Timetradersmindset.


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