Thursday, 26 November 2009

Black Wednesday

Well yesterday was quite simply bollox!! Started of really bad with trading the horses and by far my worst day so far and things just got worse and once i was in that mindset there was no getting out of it which left me very healthily in the red (Horses) and the first for 10 days.

Traded better on the football last and managed to get back all i lost on the horses and some more so i actually ended up green again but thats not the point as the horses is the thing im trying to concentrate on. Traded the correct scores market on the Cska Moscow v Wolfsburg well @ 1-0 1-1 2-1 managaed to get out of 1-0 before Wolfsburg scored and the rest went smoothly. Didnt do so well on the Man u game. Overall came out of the football 34:38€ and -23:35€ (oooops) on the horses so was 6:03€ green for the day. I will be trying alot harder with the horses today and take yesterday as an example to keep your head with you at all times lol. P&L below.

Ltz Danny


Mets said...

Hi Lads,

I've changed my blog to invite only to avert unwanted visitors. Be great to keep you in the loop. Just email me from my profile in Friend Connect (if you can be arsed!) and I'll add you.



Danny Ibz said...

Hi Mets
It wont let me send a message for some reason

Mets said...


anyway email addy is

chris at planetprog . co . uk


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